Statement by Democratic Senate and House Members of the Joint Health Care Reform Oversight Committee

CONCORD – Joint Health Care Reform Oversight Committee Senate member Peg Gilmour (D-Hollis) and House members Cindy Rosenwald (D-Nashua) and Ed Butler (D-Hart’s Location) released the following statement today in response to Republican comments on first meeting.

“We agree with Governor Hassan that in order to improve the health of our citizens it is critical for New Hampshire to have significant input in the development of our health benefit marketplace. Leaving control of New Hampshire’s exchange solely in the hands of the Federal Government is not in the best interest of our citizens and businesses. New Hampshire State Agencies have made it clear that a partnership exchange will enable New Hampshire to maintain the most control possible while best serving individuals, families, and businesses.”

“Why is it that Senate and House Republicans seem to be interested in ensuring the State is forced into a Federal Government controlled exchange? First, Senate Republicans delayed their appointments to the Joint Health Care Reform Oversight Committee, now it seems they are playing games to further delay this process. We should be working to put partisan politics aside and move forward with a solution that works best for New Hampshire.”