State Sen. Peggy Gilmour Announces “Republicans for Gilmour”

State Sen. Peggy Gilmour announced today that over 50 Republicans from Greater Nashua and across Senate District 12 have endorsed her campaign for reelection. The list includes current and former elected officials, as well as business and community leaders with strong ties to the district.


“I am honored to have the backing of so many Republican community leaders across the district supporting my work in the State Senate” said Sen. Peggy Gilmour. “As an elected official, I have and will continue to serve with an open mind and an open ear. We will only move New Hampshire forward by working together and focusing on practical, common sense solutions – regardless of partisan politics. I am proud that this list of supporters demonstrates the faith my constituents have in me to do just that.”


“Sen. Gilmour demonstrates leadership in every role she takes, is an active member of our community, and always puts the needs of her constituents first. While I may not see eye to eye with Peggy on 100% of issues, I know she’s there for what matters – and she never hesitates to give a frank answer. As a lifelong Republican, I wholeheartedly endorse Sen. Gilmour to continue working for New Hampshire’s best interests in Concord.” – Ed Lecius


“I have always admired Sen. Gilmour’s honesty and work ethic. She has been great for our community in so many ways, and I’ve always found Peggy to be fair and completely above board – exactly the kind of person that I want making policy decisions.” – Paul Hebert


Republicans for Gilmour include:

Alderman Brian McCarthy, Nashua
Alderman Rick Dowd, Nashua
Arthur O’Leary, Hollis
Bud and Phyllis King, Hollis
Carol Farmer, Nashua
Carol Kelly, Nashua
David Emus, Hollis
David Heath, Nashua
Deborah Novotny, Nashua
Dr. Ed Klopfer, Hollis
Dr. Robert Moheban, Nashua
Ed Lecius, Merrimack
Elizabeth Bucknam, Hollis
Ellen Curelop, Nashua
Fran Coulter, Hollis
Francisco and Peggy Siega, Hollis
H. Taylor Caswell III, Hollis
Former Republican State Rep. Dick Drisko, Hollis
Former Republican State Senator Jim Squires, Hollis
Harold & Nancy Carta, Greenville
Hon. Susan Emerson, Rindge
Jim Tollner, Nashua
Joe Litwin, Hollis
Kevin Halloran, Nashua
Chris Stawasz, Hollis
Linda Lovering, Hollis
Mary Ann Crowell, Brookline
Maureen Curdo, Hollis
Neil Rogers, Nashua
Paul Edmunds, Hollis
Paul Hebert, Nashua
Peggy Proko-Weisman, Hollis
Peter Proko, Hollis
Richard and Vivian Wilbourg, Mason
Richard Lannan, Nashua business leader
Sally Sadler, Hollis
Sally Streeter, Nashua
Sandy Johnson, Hollis
Stephanie Streeter, Brookline
Sue Birch, Hollis
Sue Holmes, Hollis
Sylvia Eggleston, Hollis
Thomas Digiacinto, U.S. Army Veteran, Hollis
Tom Morin, Hollis
Tom Norton, Hollis
Vincent Kelly, Nashua