Senator Delivered Constituent Service

As we all know, the cost of higher education takes a toll on many Granite State families. Recently, my daughter decided to transfer from a private college, due to high tuition costs, to one of New Hampshire’s state colleges. As a college junior going into the elementary education profession, my daughter was taught that when you work hard, don’t take shortcuts and are responsible, hard work will pay off. I was amazed to find out that less than a quarter of her college credits would transfer – classes that she had gotten good marks in, most of which were general education courses.

After panicking (to put it mildly) and thinking of the weight that further financial burdens would have on her, I decided to call our state senator, Peggy Gilmour, to see if she had any advice to offer. After talking with her about the situation, she responded that she could not make any promises, but she would do all she could.

We found that to be true. Sen. Gilmour called the college president and explained the situation. Within a week we were finally able to have our many questions answered and the situation was resolved. The senator’s thoughtful insight to know who to call helped solve this problem. Her immediate action to help a college student facing a scary situation and her clear devotion to constituent service all demonstrate the reasons why our family is grateful to be able to call Peggy Gilmour our state senator.

Deidre Reynolds


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