Money in Politics

Thanks to the League of Women Voters for hosting a discussion on Money in Politics in Nashua this week.  Moderated by the Executive Director of NH Rebellion & Open Democracy Olivia Zink, it was eye opening to hear some of the numbers linked to political contributions and where they originate.


The influence of special interest money in politics is a problem that plagues our political system. 60% of the amount of money donated in elections come from only one hundred and thirty families in the US.

Democrats and Republicans alike agree that financial influence is a factor in our Washington paralysis and divisiveness. We need to come together and agree on common sense changes to shine light on the issue and end gridlock.


Solutions to this monumental problem have been discussed in the legislature for years.  It has been nearly seventeen years since Doris “Granny D” Haddock began her walk across the country at age 84 to highlight the scourge of big money in our political system. Since then, the Supreme Court decision, Citizens United, allowing unlimited undisclosed money by corporations and unions, has worsened the problem exponentially.

Some states have implemented improvements, including our neighbor Maine.  I call on our NH officials at the state and national levels to work together to address the issue of dark money, and return the influence to the people.

You can find much more information, and Fact Sheets with information on NH and national special interest contributions at the web page of Open Democracy,  and at the sites below.