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On Camera

Peggy has had many opportunities to talk to voters about her positions on air…

As a guest on Rep. David Campbell and Rep. Cindy Rosenwald’s Access Nashua show, “The Democrats“.

Hollis/Brookline Rotary hosts a Candidates’ Forum on 10/21. Executive Council, State Senate and State Rep candidates were featured, and it was a great chance to hilight the stark differences between Peggy and her opponent’s voting record. Scroll to 49 minutes in for Peggy’s segment.

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Nashua Teachers Endorse Peggy!

We’re honored to have the support of our community’s educators in this campaign. Below is an excerpt from the teachers’ letter of support:

“To all New Hampshire citizens in Senate District 12:

The election on November 6 is critical to the future of public education and the professional lives of our members, and all working families in New Hampshire. For that reason, the Nashua Teachers Union is proud to endorse Peggy Gilmour for State Senate District 12. ”


Nashua Teachers Endorse Peggy

A few words from Peg…

“The state budget will continue to be the next Legislature’s biggest challenge.  The priorities set by the past Legislature have been misguided and damaging, and have shifted costs from the state level to the property taxpayer at the local level.  Cuts to the University and Community College systems, the tax levied on NH hospitals, cuts to mental health and our highway infrastructure while reducing the cigarette tax is managing “the wrong way around.”  I would work with legislative colleagues to craft a budget that limits spending while investing in the functions important to our citizens and our future.  I would accept the University system proposal to reinvest dollars with the guarantee of a tuition freeze and increased efficiency and accountability on the part of University System leadership.  I will support our public education system and educators at all levels, and not weaken public education by shifting public tax dollars to private and religious schools.

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In the headlines…

Peggy: “I am honored to receive the support of Dr. Jim Squires, someone who has given so much to New Hampshire.”


You said it, Telegraph!

“The candidates, a Republican and Democrat respectively, are running for the state Senate District 12 seat for the Nov. 6 election. And that is where their agreement on the issues stops.” Read more…


From the Telegraph: “At $32,440, New Hampshire once again tops in nation in average student debt.” Read the rest of the article…


Peggy GilmourCheck out my interview with the Nashua Telegraph’s editorial board:

“Peggy Gilmour sees the state Legislature as a giant dysfunctional family ripe with ideology. And if voters send her back to Concord, she promises to put state policy back toward the middle.”


Take a look: The Nashua Telegraph covers the Nashua Chamber of Commerce candidates’ forum!


The Cabinet – “Gilmour, a CEO with integrity”

Peggy Gilmour

Peggy Gilmour

In the Senate, Peg Gilmour will work with fellow legislators, regardless of party affiliation, to support working families, educate our students, expand our economy and maintain our quality of life.

“Now, more than ever, we need leadership in Concord that will come together, cross party lines and work to solve the problems facing our families and small businesses.” ~Peg Gilmour