Opioid Epidemic

I strongly support increasing services, and comprehensive opioid legislation that provides uniform standards for insurance coverage and substance-abuse treatment, strengthens prescription-drug monitoring and imposes tougher penalties for possession and distribution of opioids.


With 30+ years of business experience, I know firsthand how important education is to our economic future. I have a proven track record of support for investment in K-12 education, our community colleges and NH’s university system. Full day Kindergarten is absolutely necessary to grow our state. For more info on Peggy’s Higher Education Policy please read¬†Future of the 12th District in the news section of the website.

Health Care

I have long history of supporting the increase in access to care and for the bipartisan New Hampshire Health Protection Program, which has already provided quality, affordable coverage to nearly 50,000 hardworking Granite Staters. For more info on Peggy’s policy on this subject please read Medicaid Expansion proven to help Opioid on the News section of our website.

Jobs and Economic Development

I support recent cuts to New Hampshire’s business tax and continue to advocate for investment in our economic infrastructure, like roads, bridges, highways, broadband Internet expansion, job training and education.